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To publish the notification for the admission test of every primary and secondary level school in the country every year. To publish the notification of admission test for admission in all government primary and secondary level schools in accordance with the same rules as every year. Today we are going to discuss with you all the information related to this notification. Today’s article is definitely an important article for those of you who want to enroll your child in a good school and government school.

If you want to get admission in Patuakhali Government Jubilee High School, how to fill your child’s application form for admission test online and you can collect all the related information from this article. In this article we will present to you all the information regarding the application for admission test of Patuakhali Government Jubilee High School. If you want to know more than that, then you must visit our website well.

Patuakhali government jubilee High School Information

Patuakhali Government Jubilee High School has been known as a reputed and historical educational institution in Patuakhali district of Bangladesh since its inception. The school was first established in 1887. Teaching is done from third class to tenth class in this school. This school is for boys only. The school is being taught in two sessions namely morning session and afternoon session. The morning session starts at 7:30 am and the day session starts at 12:20 pm. This school is a very good quality school and every parent wants to enroll their child in the school.

Patuakhali government jubilee High School website for apply online

You have to apply online for admission in Patuakhali Government Jubilee High School. If you want to apply online to participate in the admission test, you have to apply directly from the official website. To apply from the official website you can access our official website using this link www.gsa.teletalk.com.bd. After that you will be able to complete all the application activities according to the rules from the official website. The application deadline is 25 November 08 December 2023.

Patuakhali government jubilee High School admission online apply process

Learn how to apply for your child’s government school admission test online. Access the official website directly using this link www.gsa.teletalk.com.bd shown to us. Then go to the homepage of that website. You will find several options on the homepage. You have to choose the option that has this option called “Apply” from those options. Then a new page will appear in front of you.

Here you have to give all the information of the student one by one. Enter the correct information according to the student’s birth registration card. The student has to give a copy of the color picture where the size of the picture is set at 150/175 pixels which is maximum 50 KB. “Submit” the application and save a copy to yourself.

Patuakhali government jubilee High School admission

Patuakhali Government Jubilee High School Those who have applied for the online admission test for the purpose of teaching their children will be able to collect the results of the admission test from 15th December 2023. Collect the results online using the link www.gsa.teletalk.com.bd shown to us directly.

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