Barisal Zilla School Website, EIIN Number & Contact Phone Number

Every parent dreams of teaching their child a good school. They try to send their child to a government school so that the child’s future is bright. For the purpose of all the parents, today we have brought all the information related to the notification of admission test in Barisal District School. This information can be very useful for those of you who want to enroll your child in a government school.

Many are already aware that admission tests will not be held in all government primary and secondary schools this year, only through lottery. Those of you who want to enroll your child in Barisal District School have the opportunity to enroll your child in the school through lottery. If you want to know more about the application for admission then be sure to read our full article carefully.

Some information about Barisal District School

Barisal Zilla School is one of the oldest and most traditional educational institutions in Bangladesh. The school was first established as English School in 1829 and now it has been renamed as Barisal District School due to various changes. At present this school is one of the oldest schools in Barisal division and one of the oldest schools in all of Bengal.

The school offers classes from class III to class X in both morning and day branches. A parent can close their eyes if they think their child will be admitted to this school. It is a privilege to be able to enroll your child in this school.

Website for online application for admission in Barisal District School

For those parents who want to apply online in the hope of enrolling their child in Barisal District School, we have added the link of the official website in this section. This will allow you to fill in the application form through the correct website by entering directly through this link.

To access the official website, enter directly through this link shown to us. You can apply according to the rules that are there. Also, to know the rules for applying, please notice us at the bottom of this article. The application deadline is November 25 to December 08, 2021.

Rules for online application for Barisal District School Admission Test

First of all, you are all aware that in order to get your child admitted in Barisal District School, you have to apply for the admission test online. For this you first need to access their official website through this link shown to us. If you look at the homepage of this website you will see some information and from there you have to choose the option called “Apply”.

Then a new page will appear in front of you on which you will find several options and in each option your student will have to fill in the correct information. The student will need one copy of the color photo, the size of which is set at 150/100 75 pixels and a maximum of 50 KB. Be sure to check before submitting if all information is provided correctly. Once submitted, your application process will be completed. When the application is completed, keep a copy of the application form with you.

Result of application for admission in Barisal District School

Since this time the student will be selected through lottery, the result will be published on 19 December 2021 at

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