Chittagong Govt High School Website, EIIN Number & Contact Phone Number

The good news for those students who are waiting for admission in government schools is that the notification of admission in government schools has been published. According to the notification, all the students of this year from first class to ninth class will be able to apply online for admission. If the application is completed, the examination will not be held and after the examination, the student who has passed the examination will be selected through lottery.

All of you parents who think you can enroll your child in Chittagong Government High School can fill the application form online. First of all you can use this article to fill the application form online and you can manage all the application activities by entering the website through the link in the article. Those who are interested should apply immediately without delay.

Some information of Chittagong Government High School

Chittagong Government High School is located in the port city of Chittagong in the southeastern part of Bangladesh. This school is one of the oldest traditional schools in Chittagong city. The location of this school is on Chittagong College Road. On the opposite side of this school is Chittagong College and on the right side is Mahasin College. The school started its journey in 1906 and is now in its present state. The school is divided into two sections and is run in the morning and day branches. The two branches together have a total of 2100 students studying in this school. The school is also well ahead in terms of results and every year they give very good results to the parents.

Online website for Chittagong Government High School Admission Test Application

Many people are looking for online website application for admission test in Chittagong Government High School. You do not have to search much, you can directly enter the official website through this link shown to us. You can enter the website and fill the application form according to all the rules. The application deadline is November 25 to December 08, 2021.

Chittagong Government High School Admission Test Application Rules Online

Those who want to apply for government high school admission test online can easily apply online. In order to apply, first of all you have to enter their official website through this link shown to us. After that you have to look at the homepage of the website that will open there. There is an option called “Apply”. Clicking on that option will open a new page in front of you.

Then you have to put all your student information one by one on that page. Once all the information has been placed correctly, you will need to place a single copy of the color picture of the student there. Image size is set at 150/175 pixels and 50 kilobytes. Once all the information has been entered correctly, you will “submit” but you must check once before. Once the application is completed, keep a copy of the application form with you.

Result of Chittagong Government High School Admission Test Application

Those of you who have applied to enroll your child in a government school will have to wait until December 19, 2021. This result will be published by 2021 after a long time. You are all aware that this test will be held through lottery and will be selected through lottery which students have passed the test.

You will get the results of those who can pass the exam through lottery on 19th December 2021. Visit our website regularly to be the first to collect results and notice all our updates.

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