Chittagong University CU Subject List 2023 – A B B1 C D D1 Unit

Chittagong University CU Subject List: This is one of the most popular university in Bangladesh. The authority has already published an admission circular for honours 1st year. Students are eagerly waiting for the CU Admission Test. Before Applying to CU, you have to know the subject list first.

In this article, I will help you knowing Chittagong University all unit subject list. There is a total of 6 units in CU. The Units are A Unit, B Unit, B1 Unit, C Unit, D Unit and D1 Unit. By reading this article you will know all unit subject list. So, Read this article to get the answer to your question.

A Unit is a Science Faculty of Chittagong University. All the Science subjects are here. Only science background students can apply for this unit. Arts and Commerce Students can’t apply CU A Unit admission test. Therefore, we will give you Chittagong University A Unit subject list and subject wise vacant seat.

Subject Name Total Seat
Physics 110
Chemistry 110
Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering 30
Biochemistry 40
Math 110
Zoology 100
Botany 100
Microbiology 40
Statistics 110
Forestry 40
Environmental Science 35
Geography and Environment Studies 35
Soil Science 50
Psychology 22
Pharmacy 30
Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology 35
Computer Science and Engineering 65
Electrical and Electronic Engineering 55
Institute of Marine Science 40
Oceanography 25
Fisheries 25
Total seat 1212


Chittagong University B Unit Subject List

Chittagong University B Unit is Arts unit. It is also known as humanities Unit. All the arts subjects are here.  The students of arts background can apply for this unit. There are total 14 subjects in this unit. You can choice any subject from this category. Here is the subjects list and subject wise vacant post of B Unit.

Subject Seat
Bangla 110
English 110
History 120
Islamic History and Culture 120
Language and Linguistics 41
Farsi Language and Literature 50
Pali 85
Sanskrit 70
Institute of Education and Research 105
Bangladesh Studies 50
Philosophy 120
Arabic 120
Islamic Studies 120
Total Seat 1221

CU B1 Unit Subject List & Vacant seat

This is a sub unit of B unit. There are total 3 subjects consist in this group. Interested candidates can apply for those subjects. Here is the cu B1 unit subject list and subject wise vacant seat.

Subject Seat
Drama 35 (boys 18, girls 17)
Fine Arts 60
Music 30

CU C Unit Subject List

C unit is a commerce unit. It is called (BBA) Bachelor of Business Administration. All the BBA subjects are decorated here. The students of commerce background can apply for the CU C unit admission test. If you are a commerce students then you should know the C Unit subject list and vacant seat.

Subject Name Seats
Marketing 77
Accounting 87
Management 65
Finance 95
Human Research Management 50
Banking and Insurance 67
Total seats 441

CU D Unit Subject List

This is a common unit for all the science, Arts and Commerce students. So CU D Unit is very important for the students. It has some important subjects. A lot of students want to admit this CU D Unit admission test. I have tried to provide D Unit subject lists.

Subjects Seats
Economics 132
Political Science 132
Sociology 132
Public Administration 132
Development Studies 30
Criminology and Police Science 30
Accounting 23
Management 45
Finance 15
Marketing 33
Anthropology 85

CU D1 Unit Subject List

D1 is a sub unit of D Unit. Here consist a important subjects. Chittagong D1 Unit Subject list is here

Subjects Seats
Physical education and Sports Science 30

Final Words

In conclusion, we will be satisfied if you will be benefited from our article. I think you have been able to get all unit subject list of Chittagong University. Thanks for reading our cu subject list article.

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