Dental Question Solution 2023 Dental College Admission

Dental College admission test has been held today. So Students are searching for the Question Solution of the Dental admission. As a result, we have come with MBBS Question Solve. If you are looking for the Dental admission 2022 Question Solution then you are in the right place. Because we have published the mbbs Dental Question Solution.

Dental college Admission Test 2022 has started. mbbs Dental admission test has finished at different places in Bangladesh. This year Dental admission test Question was is too easy for the students. But a few questions you may confuse. Therefore we have solved all the mbbs mcq Questions. Dental College

This year the authority fixed the Dental admission test date on 22 April 2022. They published a notice on the official website about admit card and exam date on 17 April 2022. As a result, the examination has been held today. Let’s see the admission details here.

  • Authority Name: Dental College (MBBS)
  • Examination Name: Dental Admission Test
  • Session: 2021-22
  • Admission Test Date:  22 April 2022
  • Exam Time: 11.00 AM to 12.30 PM (1.30 hour)
  • Exam Type: MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) & Written


Dental Question Solution 2022

There are a lot of govt Dental college in our country Bangladesh. All the science students only apply for this mbbs course . Those who have attended the Dental admission test 2022 are eagerly waiting for the question solve. Because students can’t answer 100% correctly the whole question. As a result, We have decided to help the admission students by providing Dental admission question solution

Dental admission Question has already come into our hands. Our Team solves this question as soon as possible. So you have to wait for this  Dental College subjects are Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, etc. Students are also searching for Dental question out 2022. But Dental question never out before the exam.


১। চর্মরোগে-C. cercinalis
২। সবচেয়ে বেশি রক্ত প্রবাহিত- যকৃত
৩। অটোসোমাল রিসেসিভ- থ্যালাসেমিয়া (সেক্স লিংকড নয় আর কি)
৪। বংশগতির বাহক-ক্রোমোসোম
৫। DNA তৈরি হয়- S ফেজ এ
৬। ক্ষত নিরাময়- মাইটোসিস
৭। পানিতে অদ্রবণীয় প্রোটিন-
৮। করোনা ভাইরাসের টিকা নয়-
৯। সবচেয়ে পুরু- বাম নিলয়
১০। pH নিয়ন্ত্রণ – কোষ গহবর
১১। টিস্যু কালচারের মাধ্যমে বাংলাদেশ ১ম কোন উদ্ভিদ-
১২। জবার অমরাবিন্যাস-অক্ষীয়
১৩। পাতার গ্রাউন্ড টিস্যুকে কী বলে-মেসোফিল
১৪। কোন আলো পত্ররন্ধ্র খোলায় ভূমিকা- নীল
১৫। অক্সিজেনের অনুপস্থিতিতে ঘটে-গ্লাইকোলাইসিস
১৬। সালোকসংশ্লেষণ এ কতটি অক্সিজেন তৈরি-৬

সাধারণ জ্ঞান:
১। মুজিব বর্ষের কাউন্ট ডাউন শুরু-১০ জানুয়ারি
২। Poet of politics- দি নিউজ উইক
৩। ১ম পতাকা উত্তোলন – ২ মার্চ




MBBS Dental Question Solve & Mark Distribution

Dental has all the important subjects. However, the subjects have a great demand. Dental exam has 100 marks. Two types of exams will be taken in this course. The first one is the Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) and The other one is the Written Test.

MCQ exam has 60 marks and you have to answer within 45 minutes. So, the Written exam has 40 marks and the time is also 45 minutes. MCQ Exam pass mark is 24 and the written exam pass mark is 12. But all students have to pass in mcq section otherwise the written test will not be evaluated. The total pass mark is 40 out of 100.

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