Govt School Admission 2021-22 Lottery Result Published: Download Link

According to the government notification, those who want to enroll their child in a government school have the opportunity to enroll their child in a government school only after passing the admission test through lottery. In a recent notification, it was mentioned that the application forms for the admission test of every government secondary and higher secondary school across the country should be filled simultaneously.

Parents who want to enroll their child in Munshiganj AVJM Government High School have the opportunity to apply online. What you need to apply online and all the information to apply online you can collect from this one paragraph. We will also let you know when you will get the test results after applying online. Those who are interested in this subject must read our entire paragraph carefully.

Govt School Information

Govt School is well known to the people of Munshiganj district. Every year parents enroll their children in this school for a bright future and looking at the results of this school, it is understood that this is a very good quality school. The school is divided into two shifts from first class to tenth class and each shift has a different time. Those who want to enroll their child in government high school from Munshiganj can easily enroll through online application.

Govt School website for apply online

Those who have already read our entire paragraph understand that you need to apply for admission online. To apply for admission through online, first of all you have to go directly to the official website through this link Show us. After that you have to fill the application form according to their rules. If you want to know the rules of application then be sure to note the following part of our paragraph where we will discuss those rules in detail. The application deadline is November 25 to December 8, 2021.

Govt School admission online apply process

Govt School Learn now how to apply directly for those who want to get their child admitted online. To apply online, first of all you have to enter the official website through this link shown to us. After that you have to choose the Apply option from the homepage of that website to get some information. Then a new page will open in front of you that page you will give all the information of your student.

Put all the information including your students one by one on that page correctly. Be sure to enter the correct information carefully. One copy of the color photograph should be given to the student there that the size of the photo has been fixed from 150 to 175 world maximum 50 KB.

Govt School admission result

Those of you who filled the application form for the purpose of educating your child at Govt School will have to wait till 19th December 2021. The students who have passed the admission test will be selected through lottery and the results will be published online at First of all you must visit our website regularly to get the result and by using this link you can easily see the result of your child’s admission test.

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