GST Admission 2023 Syllabus, Suggestion, Mark Distribution

GST has published an admission notification for the admission of Honours first year students. This admission notice gives details from the initial application of GST to the final application. But here the students did not mention the syllabus.

So for those who are willing to take the Honours first year exam, the syllabus of each subject is very important. It will be very useful for those who want to concentrate on their studies. So those of you who want to get the GST exam syllabus can get it from our website.

With the GST thematic distribution of our website, it will be mentioned which chapters on which subject will get the most common. So look below our website to get the syllabus of GST exam.

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Students have to apply for GST admission test in two ways. Preliminary application and final application. After the initial application, students will be nominated for final application on HSC and SSC GPA basis. After completing the final application, students will have to participate in the exam on the scheduled day.

In the meantime, students need to prepare for the exam. But the students do not understand what subject to read, how many questions will come from which subject. So for their purpose we have published GST syllabus on our website. Those who want to concentrate on studying the GST syllabus can take a look at it.

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Three units prescribed for students for GST examination have been mentioned. Students in the humanities department will be able to apply in A unit, students in science department in C unit and students in commerce department in B unit. 100 marks test will be held in each unit.

Students will be given one and a half hours for the 100 number test. So students can make the best use of this time to study at the university of their choice.

For this unit students will be asked questions of 100 marks in Bangla English and ICT. If you want to prepare for Bengali, you have to read text books and grammar. Besides, you should also read about Bengali literature. Then you will get maximum comment from the question of 25 marks will be asked about Bangla.

For English subjects you will read your text books and university exams the questions that are asked in English again and again. If you read your text books on ICT well, you will get the most common.

100 marks will be taken for B unit i.e. Commerce Department students. They will be asked questions in Accounting Science, Business Organization and Management, Bangla, English and ICT. The key points of the Commerce Department are the ones they have to read from your textbook.

  • Accounting Science 25
  • Business Organization and Management 25
  • Bangla 13
  • English 12
  • ICT 25

In other words, if they study accounting, business organization and management ICT from their textbooks, they will get the most common. And for Bengali and English they have to read text books as well as helpful books. In this case you can read the master book for English and the book asking for language and literature for Bengali.

The subjects required by the students of the science department are Physics, Chemistry, Bengali, English. From these subjects, their number 60 examination will be held. And there will be 40 numbered questions from optional subjects like Mathematics, ICT and Biology.

Textbooks will be the best way to prepare from the main subjects of the science department. So students can prepare for Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. And you can get help to prepare Bengali English subjects. Moreover, you have to prepare from your own textbooks.

Those who have not yet started studying, start studying with the above mentioned syllabus. Then you will be well prepared when the time comes for the exam. Since there is a lot of competition at the moment, this would be the best way to prepare yourself. So in order to get admission in the university, study regularly keeping in mind the above mentioned subjects.

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