GST B Unit MCQ Question Solution 2021 – Guccho Admission Test 2020-21

The solution to the 2021 GST Admission Test questions is available on our website. All the candidates who have participated in the admission test of this unit from the science group can complete the test and see the solution of the question from our website. For the special benefit of each examinee, the answers to every question are provided accurately on our website.

So all the candidates who have come to the end of the exam and are looking for the solution to the question, check the solution of the question from our website and make sure. Congratulations from our website to all the candidates from Science Group who have done well in the exams and think they have done well.

GST B Unit MCQ Question Solve 2021

In the 2020-21 academic year, a bunch of admission tests were organized by 20 universities across the country. Admission test has been arranged by some public universities and science and technology universities from all over Bangladesh. The corona situation in the country was largely uncontrollable when bunch admission tests were arranged.

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GST Question Solution 2021

GST B Unit MCQ Question Solution 2021

Therefore, in order to reduce the suffering of the students and also to save financially, it was decided to take the exams in batches and on that basis, the students complete the initial application through online. So students complete the initial application online on the basis of the prescribed GPA.

Those with a comparatively good GPA are nominated for the initial application and subsequently make the final application online by paying the prescribed fee. That is why the admission test of this unit starts first in the bunch admission test. Today, on 17th October, cluster admission test was held in 26 centers across Bangladesh.

Almost every student from all over Bangladesh took part in the examination and the examination was completed in accordance with proper hygiene rules. The test starts at 12 noon and ends at one. The standard of the question paper in this test was 100. One number will be found for answering each correct question and 0.25 number will be deducted for answering each wrong question.

Guccho Admission B Unit Question Solution 2021

Since the group admission test starts with the science group unit test, questions have been created from the prescribed subjects of science. Candidates who participated in this test have to answer multiple choice questions. There is a passage provided in English and a total of 10 questions have to be answered from this passage and from the grammar part.

Question number 10 is given from the Bengali part. They then answer question 20 from physics and answer question 20 from biology. Meanwhile, after answering the question number 60, they are given optional subject and they will have to answer the question number 40 on more subjects.

Optional subjects have been questioned from Biology, Mathematics and ICT subjects. Examiners answered a total of 40 questions from any two sections. So I want to be sure that the answers to the mentioned questions are correct even after they have filled the OMR sheet properly. For that purpose, the solution of all the questions including the answers to the questions prescribed on our website has been provided correctly.

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Take a look at the answers to these questions and get an idea of ​​how many marks you can get in the exam. There will be good wishes from our website for each examinee. Moreover, if you have any questions, you must let us know.

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