GST Primary Selection Minimum GPA Requirement for GST Admission 2023

If you want to participate in the GST admission test, you can find out today through this post on our website how much the primary selection list can survive if you have a minimum GPA. Many students have higher GPA as per the admission circular but are not selected for final application after initial application. This makes a student frustrated and for this we will discuss on our website today how much a student will be nominated for the initial application in GST Admission Test if he has minimum GPA.

But first of all we want to tell you what is GST admission test and how this admission test is taken. In 2021, the GST admission test is being conducted to prevent students from moving from one end of the country to the other and not to increase health risks due to the rapid increase in the contagious situation.

In other words, a total of 20 universities across the country came together to take the admission test and the University of Science and Technology came together for this admission process. Millions of students across the country take part in the GST admission test. However, as there is no opportunity to change the department in this admission test, the students have applied for the department from which they have originated in HSC.

All the students who have passed the science department apply for the GST unit and in this case they have to have a minimum 3.50 GPA in SSC and HSC as well as a total of 8.00 GPA. Those who have passed the humanities department have been given the opportunity to apply for B unit and in this case a student has to have a minimum GPA of 3.00 in SSC and HSC as well as a total GPA of 6.00.

Thus, the students of Commerce Department had to have a total GPA of 6.50. However, many students have a GPA on top of this but were not selected for the initial application. The main reason for this is that the number of students achieving good results is much higher. This is because General and Science Technology i.e. GST has selected some students who are qualified for the admission test and who have good GPA.

Students who pass the preliminary application pay the application fee at the time of final application even though they do not pay any application fee at the time of initial application. The application fee is fixed at Rs. After participating in the exam, the list is prepared based on their GPA obtained in SSC and HSC and based on the exam number.

Moreover, students have been given the opportunity of university admission according to their number in the same way as they have been given university choice. Therefore, if the GPA is higher than the GPA mentioned in the GST Admission Circular, a student can be selected for the final application after the initial application.

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