Gst Admission Website Link Gst Admission Website Link. In the first year of the 2020-21 academic year, a bunch of examinations will be held for the purpose of admitting students. All administrative activities for admission test, online application, seat plan test schedule can be found on GST’s website.

Students who want to be admitted in the first year of honors can apply for the bunch of examinations that will be held. Today we will discuss in detail about GST Admission Website. Through this discussion a student will be able to get a detailed idea about the cluster exam as well as apply.

Due to the global epidemic coronavirus, students are late in giving HSC exam results. And that’s why it’s too late for students to take exams day after day. Therefore, considering the health risks for the students, the integrated admission test of 20 universities of Bangladesh and the University of Science and Technology will be held.

A student will have the opportunity to study at a particular university based on his / her merit and results through an application. It is better to be admitted to a certain university through one’s own merit and results without running around the country during the coronation period. And for that purpose, the universities that GST has included and the universities of science and technology are: –

Application Start: 1st April 2021

Application End: 15th April 2021

Eligible List: 23 April 2021

Final Application: 24th April 2021 – 20th May 2021

Admit Card: 1st June to 10th June 2021

The most important thing for the admission of students in the 2020-21 academic year is that the rules and guidelines of the above mentioned universities are completely the same. If students want to apply to these universities then they have to apply following the same rules.

Universities say different rules, not the same. Students who have obtained the results of the HSC examination in the department in which they studied, will be able to apply on the basis of the results. In this case the students have to apply based on the HSC Department of Humanities, Commerce and Science.

Therefore, students of humanities department have to apply in A unit, students of commerce department have to apply in B unit and students of science department have to apply in C unit.

A student will wait for the result of the initial application at the end of his / her initial application. The merit list of the students will be prepared with 80% GPA of HSC and 40% GPA of SSC. According to this merit list, maximum 1.5 lakh students can apply in each unit.

If that number of students is not available then students will be given a chance to apply from the next merit order. The application fee for each unit has been fixed at Rs.500. And this application fee has to be paid through mobile banking.

At the time of final application, students will have to provide information about the university of their choice as well as seating arrangement. Seating centers will be determined through the four criteria of the student. Center cannot be changed.

After the final application, students will have to download the admission form from GST’s website. After downloading the admission form, the students have to participate in the examination on the scheduled day based on the unit at the designated seat center.

That is why the students have been asked to appear at the examination center at the appointed time on the scheduled day. Apart from that, 100 number test will be held for each unit. And the time allotted for testing of each unit is 1 hour 30 minutes.

No one will fail the admission test. A specific score will be given for each examinee. Based on the score, a student will get the opportunity to study in a certain university. And then the bunch of GST will publish the admission notification by imposing its own conditions of each university.

Students will be admitted on the basis of the results of the combined admission test subject to fulfillment of those conditions. Moreover, you will get the idea of ​​the date of the examination as per the notification of GST payment on our website, about the distribution of each university admission test, etc.

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