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Recently, the notification of admission test in every government secondary and higher secondary school has been published. According to this notification a student is good and the government will get the opportunity to get admission in an institution. If you want your child to be admitted to Islamia Government High School, you can do so by filling out this application form.

In this one and only article you will find all the details of what steps you need to take online to get admission in Islamia Government High School and through which website you can fill the application form. Therefore, those who want to enroll their child in a good government school have the opportunity to pass the admission test only through lottery. Fill out the application form without waiting and choose a better future for your child.

Information of Islamia Government High School

Islamia Government High School is a traditional institution of old Dhaka. The school has been providing its services to the people of old Dhaka since long before the independence of the country. Due to their good reputation, every parent tries to get their child admitted in this school. Those of you who want to enroll your child in Islamia Government High School will find all the information on how to enroll in this article.

Website for online reading in Islam Government High School

As Islamia Government High School is a traditional institution in Old Dhaka, all parents who want to enroll their child in this area can fill in the application form by entering only one website. If you would like to fill out your child’s application in this hassle-free manner, access the website directly via the link www.gsa.teletalk.com.bd shown to us. One thing you must keep in mind is that the application date starts from 25th November 2021 and the last date to apply is 08th December 2021.

Islamia Government High School Admission Test Online Application Rules

Those who want to fill the application form for the online admission test can fill the application form by entering through this link shown to us. To apply, log on to www.gsa.teletalk.com.bd and click on the “Apply” option on the homepage of the website you will be visiting. The application form will then open in front of you and there you have entered all the information of your student correctly.

Click on the option “Submit” and submit the application form. To apply, the student will need one copy of the color photo, which is set between 150/175 pixels and a maximum of 50 KB. Once the application form is completed properly, you must take a good look before submitting and print and keep a copy of the application form.

Result of Islamia Government High School Admission Test

Those of you who have filled the application form for admission in Islamic government high school are waiting for the result of your child. You are all aware that this time the government school admission test will be held only through lottery. So this is a great opportunity for those who want to enroll their child in a government school. Those who have been selected through lottery on 19th December 2021 have passed the examination and you can collect the results on our website from 19th December noon.

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