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The Board of Education of the Government of Bangladesh has issued this notification considering the students who are going to start their new education life in a government school in 2022. According to the notification, admission process in government schools from first class to ninth class will be conducted through lottery. However, you must apply in this case.

A student will be able to fill up the application form online and within a few days of filling up the application form, a lottery will select which students are eligible for admission. We will mention at the end of this article all the information about the students who are going to be admitted to the school in Jessore Zilla, how they will apply online and how the entire application process will be completed. Those of you who are interested in this topic will take a closer look at the end of this article.

Some information about schools in Jessore Zilla

Jessore Zilla School started its journey on 3rd February, 1838. It is a government school located in Jessore Zilla. This school has about 2 thousand students who are divided into two sections, namely, morning and day branches. Among the eminent teachers of the school in Jessore Zilla are Dr. Muhammad Shahidullah and Krishnachandra Majumder.

Jessore Zilla School has maintained their reputation till now and the quality of their school is getting better and better as the days go by. All in all, if a parent thinks that he / she will enroll his / her child in this school then he / she can enroll him / her without any worries.

Online application website for school admission in Jessore Zilla

This part is for those who are thinking of applying online for admission of their child of Jessore Zilla School and through any website. You can go directly to the official website using our link and manage all the activities of the application from there. So those who want to apply, immediately click on the link shown to us, enter that link and go directly to the official website. The application date is set from November 25 to December 08, 2021.

Rules for online application for admission in Jessore Zilla School

We will now give you information on what you need to do to apply for online admission in Jessore Zilla School. In order to apply online, first you have to enter their official website through this link shown to us. Then you go to the homepage from that official website and click on the option that has this option called “Apply”.

Then a whole new page will open in front of you and all the information of the student has to be entered in that page. The student has to give one copy color picture there. Image size is set at 150/175 pixels which is 50 KB. Once all the information has been entered correctly, check once and submit by clicking on the “Submit” option below. When the application form is completed, print a copy of the application form and save it.

Result of Jessore Zilla School Admission Test Application

The good news for those who have applied for admission in Jessore Zilla School and are waiting for the result is that the result will be published on 19th December 2021. You can follow our show results directly through this website. You can easily see your results.

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