Khilgaon Govt High School Website, EIIN Number & Contact Phone Number

According to the recent notification of admission in government secondary and higher secondary schools, if a parent thinks that Khilgaon Government High School will apply for admission of their child, they can complete the application through this article. In order to complete the application, first of all you have to collect the application form and fill it and submit it.

Khilgaon Government High School is now known as a very reputed religious institution in Dhaka and every year they are giving very good quality results. As a good parent, everyone will want to enroll their child in a good government school. For this purpose, many will want to enroll their child in Khilgaon Government High School. You will find all the information related to admission on our website and through this article you will be able to know about the application for admission.

Information about Khilgaon Government High School

Khilgaon Government High School is a government school and provides education from first class to twelfth class. In other words, this school is also the education of the college. The school was first established in 1967. The main institution has several buildings and the school has a well-equipped playground. The school is divided into two shifts in total and has been teaching in the college branch since 2008. In a word, Khilgaon High School is one of the few good quality and reputed government high schools in Dhaka.

Website for online application in Khilgaon High School

Khilgaon High School Those of you who want to enroll your child and they want to apply online can only apply through a specific website. You can access the website through this link shown to us and from there you can fill your own child application form. There is a deadline to fill out the application. You will be able to fill out the application form from 25th November 2021 and the last date for filling up the application form is 8th December 2021.

Rules for online application for admission test in Khilgaon Government High School

Khilgaon Government High School Admission Test Application Rules You can collect from our section In order to apply, first of all you have to enter the website through the link we have not seen. After entering the website, you have to do the other option of “Apply” on the home page of your website. Then you have to fill the application form with all the information according to the application form there.

To fill out the application, the student will need one copy of the color photo, the size of which is set between 150/175 pixels and 50 KB. With all the information you can submit your application by clicking on the submit text option below. And you will print a copy of the application form and save it to yourself.

Khilgaon Government High School Admission Test Results

Those of you who have applied for admission in Khilgaon Government High School will have to wait till 19 December 2021. The 19 December lottery will select which students have passed the admission test and the results will be published online.

If you want to collect the results of Khilgaon Government High School Admission Test online, then you must visit our website regularly. As soon as the result comes out, we will deliver the result to you through an update.

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