Manikganj Govt. High School Website, EIIN Number & Contact Phone Number

According to the government notification, those who want to enroll their child in a government school have the opportunity to enroll in a government school only after passing the admission test through lottery. In a recent notification, it was mentioned that the application forms for the admission test of every government secondary and higher secondary school across the country should be filled simultaneously.

Parents who want to enroll their child in Manikganj Government High School have the opportunity to apply online. What you need to apply online and all the information to apply online you can collect from this one paragraph. We will also let you know when you will get the test results after applying online. Those interested in learning more about this must read our entire paragraph carefully.

Manikganj Government High School Information

Manikganj Government High School stands in the heart of Manikganj district town. The school was founded in 1871 as a primary school. Today, the school is one of the proudest educational institutions in the country. Launched as Victoria High School in 1884, the school has changed a lot. The manishi associated with this school is a zamindar named Babu Amrit Lal Roy.

He first donated land in the name of the school, first in primary school, then in minor school, then in high English school. The school is divided into two shifts and the students are taught. It is a very good quality school and every parent’s school tries to get their child admitted.

Manikganj Government High School website for apply online

Parents who want to enroll their child in Manikganj Government High School can now find out how to apply online and which site to apply through our paragraph. To apply directly through the official website, you need to enter the official website through this link After that you have to fill and submit the application form from there as per the rules. You must fill out your child’s application by 25-12 November 2001 to 8-12-2019.

Manikganj Government High School admission online apply process

To apply online for Manikganj Government High School Admission Test you first need to enter the official website through this link shown to us. Then according to that link, if you look at the homepage of the website that you will go to, you will see that there is an option called Apply. Clicking on this option will open a form in front of you to apply.

There you have to put all the information of your child correctly. Then you have to give a copy of the color picture of your child there, the size is set at 150 to 175 pixels and 50 kilobytes. Once all the information has been entered correctly, submit all the information by clicking on the Submit text option below. Collect a copy of the application form to collect the information submitted at the end of all.

Manikganj Government High School admission result

Parents who applied for admission of their child in Manikganj Government High School will be able to collect the result from our website on 19th December 2021. The results of this exam will be published through lottery, so you can easily collect the results directly through our website. And for this you must visit our website.

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