Manikganj SK Govt High School Website, EIIN Number & Contact Phone Number

Parents who wish to enroll their child in a government school have the opportunity to enroll in Manikganj SK Government High School by applying online. You are getting the opportunity to get admission in this school according to the notification published by the Ministry of Public Education. Everyone can apply and will be selected through lottery to see which students have passed the exam.

Manikganj SK Government High School in Manikganj area has a good reputation and students want to be admitted in this school. It is a very good quality educational institution and you can fill the admission application form of this school online. You will be able to collect all the information to fill up the application form online through this website. You must read the entire paragraph to know all the information.

Manikganj SK Government High School Information

Manikganj High School is one of the renowned institutions in the city of Manikganj. This very old institution has been a good standard for a long time. The people of this area have been providing for this. So as many good students as there are in this area, they all try to get admission in this school and take their future to a better position.

The school was first started in 1882 and was first taught from class five to class ten. However, now a branch of the school has been started due to which the school is teaching from first class to tenth class. The total number of teachers in this school is 27 and about 1500 students are always studying here.

Manikganj SK Government High School website for apply online

Parents who have decided to enroll their child in Manikganj SK Government High School are looking for a website to apply online. To apply online you must enter a valid website which we can give you through this link By entering through the link you can go to the official website and from there you can manage all the application activities. The application is scheduled for November 25 to December 8, 2021.

Manikganj SK Government High School admission online apply process

To apply for Manikganj High School online you first need to enter the official website through this link shown to us. Then click on the Apply option on the homepage of that website to fill the application form from that website. The application form will be open.

Application Form all your student information correctly and give it a color image that is 150 to 175 pixels in size and 50 kilobytes. If all the information is set correctly, you must check once and submit by clicking on submit.

Manikganj SK Government High School admission result

If you want to apply through Manikganj High School online, you can see our above rules. Results will be published on 19-12-2019. You will have to wait till December 19, 2021 to collect the results. Once the results are published, we will try to give you the results in this paragraph through our link

This year the selection test will be held through lottery and those who have passed the test will be selected through lottery. You can collect the results of the students who passed the lottery through this link. Be sure to visit our website to know all the information related to admission and results.

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