Narayanganj Govt. Girls High School Website, EIIN Number & Contact Phone Number

Those of us who are regular visitors to this website must know what kind of posts we bring to this website. We have brought various educational posts on this website in its continuation and today we have brought about the notification of admission test in government primary and secondary level schools. I will try to give some ideas to those of you who are not yet aware of this year’s admission test notification.

Those who want to get their child admitted to Narayanganj Government Girls High School may have already learned that the admission test will not be held this year. You will first need to apply for admission online but after that application no student will be selected through lottery without examination and any student can be admitted in that school. They must have been very happy to know that they did not know about this till now. You can collect all the related information or detailed information from this article. So read the whole article carefully.

Narayanganj Government Girls High School information

Narayanganj Government Girls High School was first established in 1967. Located in Narayanganj district, this school has been playing a special role in the development of women’s education since its inception. The main goal of those who have a daughter and those who live in the vicinity of Narayanganj Government Girls High School is to enroll their child in the school. If you are one of them then you should fill up the admission test application form to get your child admitted to the school this year. Those of you who want to apply can fill the form online.

Narayanganj Government Girls High School website for apply online

To apply for Narayanganj Government Girls High School Admission Test, you need to apply online. To do this you must first access the official website using the link shown to us. Then you have to complete all the application activities from that official website. We are going to discuss in detail at the bottom of this article how to apply. The application deadline is November 25 to December 08, 2021.

Narayanganj Government Girls High School admission online process

If you want to apply online, first of all you have to enter the official website using this link shown by us. When you enter the official website, you can see a number of information or notices by looking at the homepage of that website. There is an option called Apply from there, you have to choose that option.

When you choose the option called Apply because a whole new page will open in front of you. You will then be able to enter all the student information on that page. To enter all the information of the student, you select the options one by one and enter the information there. The student will have to give one copy of the color picture there that the size of this picture is set at 150/175 pixels maximum 50 KB. When the application form is completed, keep a copy with you.

Narayanganj Government Girls High School admission result

Those of you who filled the application form for admission of your child in Narayanganj Government Girls High School will be able to collect the result from 15th December 2021. First of all visit our website regularly to collect results and collect results using our link

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