Satkhira Govt High School Website, EIIN Number & Contact Phone Number

Every student residing in Satkhira has the opportunity to participate in this burger admission test in Satkhira Government High School. Because this time the admission test will be held through lottery. So every student has the opportunity to apply online but not many people know how to apply. You can collect all the information to apply online from our website.

Parents who want to enroll their child in Satkhira Government High School, we will present to you the details of how to apply online and how to collect the results. For this we must patiently read the entire article and fill out your application using our links. The application date is very short so apply immediately without delay.

Some information about Satkhira Government High School

Parents who want to enroll their child in Satkhira Government High School must know some information about this school. Satkhira Government High School was first established in 1962 and was nationalized in 1968. The school is a boy’s high school and is well known in Satkhira as a very traditional and top educational institution. The school is located about one kilometer away from the local bus terminal on the west side of Satkhira Highway.

In this school exchange is done in two shifts from first class to tenth class. Approximately 2200 students study here and each student takes lessons separately in two shifts. Another special news is that it is now known as a branch of Bangladesh Open University.

Website for online application in Satkhira Government High School

Those who are looking for website to apply online in Satkhira Government High School no longer have to search, they can collect website through this post. You can access the website directly by following the link shown to us. From there you can apply and we will discuss in detail at the bottom of this post how to apply. The application deadline is November 25 to December 08, 2021.

Rules for online application for Satkhira Government High School Admission Test

Those of you who want to apply online for Satkhira Government High School Admission Test, first of all enter the website through this link shown to us. Then click on the “Apply” option on the homepage of this website and fill in the application form with all the information of the student there. The student will need one copy of the colour photo, the size of which is set at 150/175 pixels and a maximum of 50 KB.

You have to enter all the information correctly and then submit by clicking on the “Submit” option below. Before submitting, be sure to check and select all your information. Once submitted, collect a copy of the submitted application form to yourself.

Satkhira Government High School Admission Test Results

Those of you who have applied for admission in government high school will have to wait till December 19, 2021. Any student who has passed the exam will be selected through lottery on 19th December 2021. If you visit our website regularly and keep an eye on all our updates then you will be able to collect the results first.

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