Sunamganj Govt Jubilee High School Website, EIIN Number & Contact Phone Number

Students of Sunamganj area are getting opportunity to get admission in government schools through lottery. According to the government notification, government admission test will be held in all classes through lottery this year. So everyone can apply and everyone has to fill the application form online. Those who want to apply will apply online.

Government Jubilee High School Sunamganj is a well known and reputed educational institution of Sunamganj. The school has a very good reputation as an institution and the school gives very good results every year due to which every parent tries to get their child admitted in this government school. If you are one of them then apply online. You will find all the information related to how to apply online through this article.

Information about Jubilee High School in Sunamganj

Sunamganj Jubilee High School is a very reputed educational institution in this area. This educational institution was established during the British rule around 1887. It is the oldest and most traditional educational institution in the Indian subcontinent. The school is bounded on the north by Surma Nadi, on the south by Launchghat Raja Gobind Government Primary School, Sunamganj Municipality and on the east by Balur Math, Riverview, and on the west by Sunamganj Municipal College.

All the activities of this school are conducted in two shifts, morning and day and the current number of teachers in this school is 50. This school publishes very good quality results every year so if you want to enroll your child in school then you can do it without any hesitation.

Website for admission in Sunamganj Government Jubilee High School

Sunamganj Government Jubilee High School wants to enroll their child online, they will need a proper website. If you want to apply from the official website then you can go directly to the official website by entering through this website shown by us. After that you can manage all the application activities with all the information as per the application form. The application is scheduled for November 25 to December 08, 2021. So you can make these requests without delay.

Rules for online application for admission in Sunamganj Government Jubilee High School

To be admitted to Sunamganj Government Jubilee High School online, first of all you have to go directly to an official website through this link shown to us. Then, according to the rules of the official website, you have to click on the option called “Apply”. As soon as you do, a whole new page will open in front of you and you will have to give all the information applied on that page.

You have to give all the information to the student there and scan a color picture of the student there. This scanned image is sized 150/175 pixels and 50 KB. Once all the information has been set up properly, check it thoroughly and “submit”. When the application is completed, keep a photocopy of the application with you.

Result of Sunamganj Government Jubilee High School Admission Test Application

Those who filled the application form for admission of their child in Sunamganj Government Jubilee High School will be able to collect the result on 19th December 2021. You will be able to collect results directly from us through this article. To collect results, visit our website regularly and pay close attention to the updates we have published. As soon as the result is published, we will inform you about the result through an update.

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