Tangail Govt School Admission Result 2023

Tangail Govt School Admission Result 2021- Bangladesh Ministry of Education has published the new circular for the students want to get admission in the government schools in this year, 2021. The circular has published at 11th December, 2020. But, this year, the education ministry has changed the admission procedure. Here you can get all the reputed school admission test result in Tangail.

Govt School Admission Result 2021

For the breakthrough of pandemic Covid-19, the guardians or the students need not go to the school for collecting the admission form. They can apply through online. School admission started from 15 December and ended at 27 December, 2020.


Admission information 2021

  • Application : Online
  • Application form website:
  • Starting of application: 15 December 2020 at 10am
  • Deadline: 27 December 2020 till 5pm
  • Application fee: 110 BDT
  • Admission Result: 30 December 2020
  • For detail information you can visit the official website www.dshe.gov.bd and

Govt School Admission Result 2021: Tangail

Tangail is one of the most common city of Bangladesh. A total amount of 3,750,781 people lives in Tangail according to the Census of 2011. There are many renowned educational institutions in Tangail district. In the recent declaration of ministry of education, the government schools of Tangail taking admission of students in different classes. The students can get admission from class one to class nine.

Here are some renowned schools in Tangail district:

Bindu Basini Govt. Boys’ High School

Bindu Basini Government Girls’ High School

Tangail Collectorate Girls High School & College

Tangail Technical School and College

Dighulia Pascimapara govt.primary high school

Town Govt Primary School

Police Line goverment primary school

Model Government Primary School

Rukminikanta Govt. Primary School

Adarsha Goverment Primary School


Bindu Basini Govt. Boys’ High School Admission result 2021

Bindu Basini Govt. Boys’ High School is one of the best school in Tangail district. Although the school is located in the outside of the main city but the reputation of this school is very high.  The students have left their mark of achievement in every sector. In all sense, academic results, cultural activities, games and other social activities the students of this school are the pioneer. Bindu Bashini is taken admission in class six and Eight.


The official website of this school is

Bindu Basini Government Girls’ High School Admission result 2021

Bindu Basini Government Girls’ High School is one of the best school in Tangail like The boys School. This school announced for application from class one, six and Seven. In this school almost 2200 students taken their tuition. There are about 2000 students in this school. The school is run in 2 shifts. Morning shift classes starts at 07:15am and ends at 11:30am. Day shift classes starts at 11:30am and ends at 04:05pm.

Download Admission Result

Tangail Collectorate Girls High School & College Admission result 2021

Tangail Collectorate Girls High School & College is very well known school in Tangail for its discipline and maintaining the rules and regulations strictly. Admission will be taken from Nursery class to class nine. Class nursery and class one students will be taken by lottery. Students who want to admit in class Nine have to collect the admission form from the school office in the office period 10am to 2pm.

Police Line goverment primary school Admission result 2021

Very beautiful school at Police line. It is at the North west side of Tangail city. The area is very beautiful. it’s a popular school in tangail. In this school admission is taken for class one, two and three.

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Town Govt Primary School Admission result 2021

Town Govt Primary School is the oldest primary school in Tangail. Many popular personnel’s are studied from this school. Its a very highly prestigious school in Tangail. This school takes admission for class one. 



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